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A Wicked Scoff

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Northampton, MA
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To blend my Newfoundland culture and heritage with my newfound New England influences and endeavors, I've combined a word from the vernacular of each region to capture the essence of what this blog is all about!

"Wicked" is New England slang term (also used in Newfoundland) that adds emphasis and can mean great, wonderful, masterful, deeply satisfying, strikingly effective, good or skillful. For example "that was a wicked good lobster roll" or "he scored a wicked goal last night" or "that wind is wicked cold today".

"Scoff" is a Newfoundland term which originally referred to a cooked meal while at sea or ashore, often at an impromptu party, especially at night. Over the years the term has come to mean any meal, but often signifies a lavish spread of ingredients, drink and good company. When paired with some jigs and reels, and maybe a card game, one could be said to go out for a scoff n a scuff! The quintessential Newfoundland Scoff would probably be Jig's Dinner with doughboys, puddings such as Figggy Duff, and a hot cup of pot liquor.


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