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01/19/2012 - HOW TO GOOGLE COUPONS !!!!!


So a lot have wondered how we find all our hidden coupon portals for the main coupon distribution sites here in Canada. Well it is actually fairly simple.  Basically you are going to be able to explore sites folders, and what not using the site: command on Google.

So lets get started. I will put this into a simple step by step order system that is below:


1. Go to (if switches to this is not a big deal)

2. Decide what coupon distributor you want to check for new hidden coupon portals. In this tutorial I have chosen

3. Type the following into the google search site:

4. You should now see a full list of pages all for These are all the pages Google has crawled and cached onto their search engine.

5. Lets refine our search, try typing in site:

6. You should now only be seeing results that are located in en_ca/portal/ on

So that pretty much covers it. Using Google to find hidden coupons is very easy.

 NOTE: BE SURE to include SITE: before your google search for example...

"site:" not just http://...

Extra Tips*

If you notice on the left of Google, it will say "More search tools" click the link and it exposes a menu for sorting your results

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